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About Us

Octopus Legacy is a place to plan for death and find support following a loss. 

Underneath these cold processes is something much more human - the question of ‘What will we leave behind?’. We’re here to help people shape a legacy that connects them to the people they love, whilst they’re here. And after they’re gone. It’s a chance to share more than just money: leave voice notes, playlists, recipes. Not something to be rushed, but to be added to as life changes. Co-created in conversation with friends and family.

As we've grown we're proud to work with over 250+ UK charities of all shapes and sizes helping them grow their legacy marketing from strength to strength. 

We speak to Legacy Marketers day-in-day-out and we realised there was a space for a community like this - where we could all come together and create legacy marketing campaigns that can reach their full potential.

Why You Should Join Us

Are you a Legacy Marketer that's short on...
🕒 Time?
💰 Budget?
📚 Resource?

... but with grand ambitions for legacy fundraising at your charity? You're not alone.

This is just the place for you and 150+ other's like you. Our Leg Up for Legacies Community is a space to share ideas, challenges and successes with likeminded people in the industry. It's a way to get hot tips and easy-to-use how-to guides to help you get your legacy campaign sky rocketing.

A Big Thanks

To you. The people that this community will always be for.